Armistead Earthmoving


Winner - 2010 Earth Awards

Principal - D.S.E
Contract type - Lump Sum Contract
Value -  $750K approx

Earth Award certificate


To create farmland upstream. Further draining in the 1950’s has resulted in the lake being dry for many months of the year, and retaining water for only a short time after a flood.

The lake Condah Weir Construction Project has culminated after 30 years of perseverace by many individuals, groups and government departments.

The D.S.E is the principal of the project, GHD the contract manager and superintendent, detailed design by Alluvium, and Armistead Earthmoving the contractor cconcoconstruction contractor.

The purpose of the project is to restore water in the lake which will re-activate some of the 8,000 year old fish traps and provide immense environmental benefit whilst having minimum upstream or downstream impact on landholders and the environment.

The construction includes an environmental bypass pipe, associated inlet and outlet structures, an automated flow control gate, and a 100meter long rock chute incorporating a low flow fish passage and employed only local unemployed indigenous people for the construction of this project, with Armistead staff providing training, supervision, and guidance.

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